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Dent House is a dental clinic in Cluj-Napoca, Romania with over 15 years of experience. We built our new place in 2014 to meet any requirements. The passion for dentistry made us create a warm place where all patients are feeling comfortable and are cooperating for the success of their treatment. We searched for the best dentists and surgeons and finally we built a professional team that is ready to offer the best treatment for your needs. We are always investing in new technology for our dental office, so the procedures are more secure and without so much pain. We have 2 dental units made by Sirona, one photo studio where we capture every beautiful smile and our own dental lab which creates the most beautiful prosthetics.


Our team


Dr. Ana-Maria Muresanu



Dr. Mihai Pancsur

Oral surgeon

Dr. Diana Florea


Dr. Valentina Nichimis

Oral-maxillo-facial surgeon

Dr. Laura Fetti

Oral-maxillo-facial surgeon


Muresanu Mihai

Dental technician

... and many others


We are known for


With our own dental lab, we create miracles in aesthetics.

Laser therapy

We use laser for dental treatment in order to reduce pain and is almost scar-free.


We have 3 surgeons in our team, everyone has a lot of experience in this field.


We work with digital planned implants, so our implants are precisely placed in the bone.

Your path ...

Welcome to Cluj


Cluj-Napoca is a city located in the heart of Transylvania. The town offers a great variety of sites to visit, it is well known for its exquisite restaurants and pubs. In 2015, Cluj-Napoca was the European Capital of Youth. Here it is organised, every year, one of the biggest festivals in Europe, Untold Festival. Also near Cluj, at almost 30km far away, it is organised another big festival, Electric Castle at the well known Bontida Castle. For every patient that is coming to Dent House, it is essential to integrate in the spirit of the town, so the medical visit will be a real pleasure, and the clinical case will be solved during a real holiday. Our travel team will guide you to the best places, here, in Cluj, while the doctors will prepare you for the brand new smile.

Milcov 20, Cluj-Napoca, Romania  |  Tel: +40740365093

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Dent House Clinic

Milcov 20, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Tel: +40740365093


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